Inside out

Today for my folding experiment, I chose cut pleats. The most exciting part of cut pleats is that the back of the paper moves to the front when folded. So today, I covered a sheet of paper with charcoal and then began the folding process. I divided the sheet into[…]

Red and Green

The felty finish of this digital illustration is the result of many layers with a custom-designed brush using ProCreate and an iPad. I enjoyed working on the plaid weaving layer over layer of color. The center vessel reminds me of a measuring cup and that made me think of baking.[…]

A buff penguin

Beach Body

Beach Body is my version of a buff penguin on the shores of Antarctica. It is a relief print made from three carved plates a blue, orange, and black on Mohawk superfine. The plates are carved on Sinatra plastic plates. I only have black relief printing ink and I printed[…]

Decisions, Big and Small

Decisions, Big and Small, begin to weigh down as soon as the statement “You have cancer.” is uttered. There is a critical set of choices to be made. To treat or not, how do we help our children? How do we pay for the treatment? What about work? Where will[…]

Inside My Story

When the doctor calls and invites you into the office, you can be sure that it isn’t good news. Knowing that bad news is coming, I try to figure out what could be coming and what I will do about it. It is like taking a deep breath and holding[…]

Connected & Protected

Life does go on after a major organ transplant with a delicate balance. The organ needs to be connected to function, but the body views the organ as a foreign object. Immunosuppression medication protects the body from rejecting the new organ. This daily balance of connecting and protecting is monitored[…]

Black & White

Charcoal is our potbelly pig. He stands out now that we have snow covering the ground. I don’t think he is actually much of a fan of the cold as he spends most of his time buried beneath the heaps of straw that we have for him in his house.[…]

Sad Fish

This sad fish is a digital image referencing relief printing. The following shows the process one layer at a time. Relief printing is a reductive process and so the image was created with the eraser tool instead of the paintbrush.

Light & Truth Restored

Light Restored

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I recognize one of the greatest events in modern history as the appearance of the Father and the Son to Joseph Smith Jr. in a Grove of trees in the Spring of 1820. The experience is commonly referred[…]

Way too long

I have over 300 post-it doodles from the last few years. The project was created to be a quick-to-finish project because I had a difficult time finishing projects. I set up a pattern in my Instagram post that requires a doodle between each of the other posts. The quick drawings[…]


Moo from Cowbird (unpublished) | digital 18 × 12 inches | I have been sick about losing this project. It is my first complete children’s book that I did for my MFA project. I was happy to discover a black and white copy in my files about a year ago,[…]

Back to Why

With nothing in mind to write about today, I have decided to go back to the reason that I am writing in the first place. I am seeking to have more control over my creative life by giving myself more opportunities to express my thoughts and feelings. Creating art has[…]

Creating Spiritually

One of my religious beliefs is that everything was created spiritually before it was created physically. I have found a practical application of this religious doctrine in my personal interactions. I am anxious about doing new things and yet new things must be done. One day my wife needed help[…]

Books that help me

I just started reading The Righteous Mind ( as recommended by Mr. Mike Laughead. I am just a few pages into the book and so I am not sure what to think yet but it does feel great to be reading to gain more insight. There are a few books[…]

Typography as Punctuation

I am writing about the things that I am thinking about, and typography just happens to be one of the topics. Typography is a beautiful art with thousands of beautifully designed typefaces at our fingertips. New designers learning how to use typography of necessity focus on the design of a[…]

Frames of Focus

In science fiction there is this idea that there are multiple planes or realms of reality going on at the same time. I don’t think that it is fiction at all. The frames through which individuals view the sam world that we live in together determines what each individual sees[…]

What Do I Think?

It is near midnight and it is time for me to live and think. The isolation of Covid19 is wearing me thin and I am at a point where I need to know what I think. Normally I find out what I think by talking to others, listening to their[…]

Learning to See: Proximity

Proximity is the distance between shapes. When two small shapes are close to each other, they visually combine to create a larger, more significant shape. It is easier for a viewer to see and understand one large shape than it is to see and understand many small shapes. Proximity Questions[…]

Learning to See: Negative Space

Negative space is the space between and around objects within a defined format. Negative Space Questions When looking at art and design, one thing that will help you see the composition more clearly is looking for negative space. Asking the following questions will help. What new shapes appear when forms[…]

Photoshop Sticker Mockup Tutorial

Use your own drawings to make sticker mockups Create digital sticker mockups of your own drawings in a few simple steps. (Download working files) is a school I am starting for the aspiring artist to develop foundational skills. Stop by and sign up for more tutorials.

Design Principles are about Relationships

Design principles are concepts to help you plan and recognize relationships between different elements. is an online school to help aspiring visual artists develop a design foundation for a professional art career. This course provides a solid foundation for making visual art. Because you are serious about becoming an[…]

Digital Relief Printing from Scratch

Learn Digital Illustration from Scratch Digital Relief Printing is a free digital illustration class for serious beginning artists. The strong graphic appearance of a relief print is created by carving away the parts of the image that you don’t want, hence, carving is a reductive process and looks completely different[…]

Pot Belly Pig Pin

This is my first enamel pin design and I am excited to share it with you. For any purists out there, I know that potbelly pigs do not have curly tails so this pin in fact is a pig with a potbelly, not a pot belly pig. I have a[…]


(Reposted on 11/28/2020) I am feeling this lonely kind of isolation today. In sitting in my small studio looking out my window. I am done with COVID-19, I wish C-19 was done with us.

The Krakens

My Doodle-a-day project is featured today on The Krakens. It is a web gallery featuring work by LDS artists. Take a peek I am sure you will enjoy it.…/scott-franson-doodle-a-day/

Origami and Charcoal #002

Folding paper with dirty hands is so much fun. I am sure this is going to be a thing with me. There are several ways that I am considering exploring this process. Notice that the background has smudges. I did my folding with two pieces of paper. One to fold[…]